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General Water is a leading provider of industrial deionized water systems and water deionization services, offering DI tank exchange, industrial deionizer units and portable deionized water systems.

Deionized water tanks in a variety of sizes

What is a Service Deionized Water System and Why Use It?
More and more companies requiring a supply of deionized water for their boiler feed water or process water needs are choosing to outsource their high purity deionized water requirements from a service company. Known in the water treatment industry as service deionization (SDI), this procurement option provides high purity deionized water users with a cost effective alternative to the difficult issues associated with owning and operating regenerable deionizers or demineralizers. Renting or leasing portable deionized water systems takes away the problems of:

  • Chemical Storage
  • Chemical Handling
  • Operator Training
  • Waste Treatment
  • Environmental Permitting
Regenerable demineralizer water tanks system Benefits of Water Deionization Service
Using service deionization to supply deionized water offers the following benefits:
  • No site preparation
  • No drain lines
  • No maintenance
  • No operator requirements
  • No chemical waste handling and disposal
  • No hassle - just a consistent supply of high purity deionized water using leased equipment employing standard designs and proven ion exchange technology.

Service Deionization Details
The Service Deionized Water option consists of ion exchange resin and/or other water treatment media contained in portable tanks of various sizes that are easily connected to your tap water supply. Depending upon the level of water quality required for the process, these tanks contain cation ion exchange resin, anion ion exchange resin, mixed bed resin, and/or granular activated carbon. When the water quality drops below the set point the DI water tanks are swapped for tanks with freshly regenerated ion exchange resin that has been processed off site at the General Water Services ion exchange regeneration facility. Use of the service deionized water option allows companies to concentrate on their core business and maximize their profitability. Service DI exchange also eliminates the need for a capital expenditure. Perhaps most importantly the service deionized water exchange option eliminates on site chemical handling and hazardous waste neutralization.

The DI water equipment comes in various sizes and can be custom configured to meet any flow rate or quality specification, no matter how demanding.

Service Deionizer Specifications
Tank Series Flow Rate Resin Volume Dimensions Connections
Tank GPM Cubic Feet Dimensions Dia"x Ht" Connections  
A 0.75 0.25 6 x 22 3/4" OD  
B 3.00 0.5 8 x 22 3/4" OD  
C 3.00 0.75 7 x 39 3/4" OD  
D 4.00 1 8 x 44 3/4" OD  
E 5.00 1.3 9 x 44 3/4" OD  
F 7.00 2.2 10 x 58 3/4" OD  
G 10.00 3 12 x 56 1" OD  
H 12.00 3.6 14 x 51 1" OD  
I 60.00 25 30 x 84 2" Camlock-SS  
K 100.00 30 36 x 76 2" Camlock-SS  
Service Deionizer Part Numbers    
Tank Series Cation Anion Mixed Bed Carbon  
A DI0618CAT DI0618AN DI0618MB DI0618CB  
B DI0818CAT DI0818AN DI0818MB DI0818CB  
C DI0735CAT DI0735AN DI0735MB DI0735CB  
D DI0840CAT DI0840AN DI0840MB DI0840CB  
E DI0940CAT DI0940AN DI0940MB DI0940CB  
F DI1054CAT DI1054AN DI1054MB DI1054CB  
G DI1252CAT DI1252AN DI1252MB DI1252CB  
H DI1447CAT DI1447AN DI1447MB DI1447CB  

View Service Deionization Systems Product Bulletin (PDF)

Portable deionized water systems are particularly attractive when there is a temporary need for high purity deionized water or an ongoing need that is expected to change over time.

Flexibility is inherent in the service DI water approach and lends itself to quick and easy process changes in the face of changing water requirements.

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General Water is a regional service company offering deionized water systems and water deionizer service. Contact us for further assistance.